Andreas Offenhaeuser

Software engineer/architect

About me

Since 2019 I work as a DevOps architect in the domain of automated driving. For this I bring state of the art methods like Continuous Integration, Containerization and an increased responsibility in the development team (DevOps-ish) into the world of embedded automotive systems.

Before I worked as a solution architect for connected services in the domain of automated driving. Working with technologies like Docker, GitLab, Azure Cloud, Node.js and implementing Infrastructure as Code, DDD and test driven principles allowed me to keep learning constantly - which is a huge motivation for me. Besides creating solution architecture and implementing I was also deeply invested in the way our team worked together and how we bring business needs into implemented solutions.

In my free time I take part in the Stuttgart area meetup scene and learn about new technologies like blockchain and machine learning. I have also enjoy building small side projects and collaborate on GitHub. These private projects allow me to test out new concepts and bring them into my professional projects at some point. You can read about some of my projects on the projects category.


For a more complete picture of my experiences feel free to take a look at my curriculum vitae. It is not dated but git versioned with a little green number in the top right.

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