Andreas Offenhaeuser

Software engineer/architect


Competence management for developers
February 2019 Demo GitHub Code

For a while I have been looking for a way to thoroughly document and present my experiences with various tools and frameworks. After introducing the techradar concept at work I set out to build my own techradar with VueJS and Google Firebase. Mid of 2019 I started turning this personal application into a solution for others to use. Adding additional backend types to the original Firebase solution I am now hosting a free to use editor for everyone at In addition I still run one devradar instance as part of my online CV that details my experience with various tools. The code itself is open for everyone to use on GitHub.


Develop efficiently for Raspberry Pi code
January 2019 GitHub Code

Automatically sync sourcecode from one computer to another and execute the code remotely. This is a CLI I built to be able to develop Node.js programs on my develop machine and execute them on a raspberry pi without having to set up rsync and autoreload manually all the time.


nodeMCU based moisture monitoring for plants with a serverless backend
August 2018 Demo GitHub Code

Wanting to develop a small IoT solution I built plantbuddy as a standalone solution with device code written in C for ESP8266 microcontrollers, using Googles Firebase infrastructure as a database and VueJS as a frontend. See repository for details on the system design.

demo one

My (first) attempt at writing a C++ based graphics demo
April 2018 Demo GitHub Code

Spending a weekend at the world’s largest demo party (revision 2018) I learned the basics of drawing on a 2D canvas with C++ and how to build basic 3D raytracing and texture mapping on spheres. No graphic libraries - just code. Check out the demo link to see the C++ code rendered in a browser using WASM.

dancing emojis

Making emojis dance using WebAudio API
June 2017 Demo GitHub Code

Inspired by a talk during 2017 I wanted to give audio visualization a try. Open it up in your browser and see emojis dance to your voice - or whatever sound you have going on in the room.


Autonomous robot car
May 2017 GitHub Code

Long term project trying to bring Node.js on robots to a higher level and integrate it with ROS. Trying out different cheap hardware components, bringing together resources in one repository needed to create a robot fullstack from hardware to control logic. This is more of a collaboration project than a single working solution. Check out the repository to see the different robot systems I implemented in there.


The revolution in teaching
April 2017 Demo GitHub Code

During a 24h hackathon two of us built this distributed web app with augmented reality features. The solution should enable teachers to get feedback anonymously from everyone in the class without the need for additional expensive equipment. To participate you need a phone with a browser capable of WebRTC (currently not supported by Safari 2017-05). Check out the demo and the explanation on the github repo.